1st responders use colored digital wristbands.

The perfect solution is we demonstrate uses stock Android smartphones that give it a range of up to 100 meters.. Colored electronic wristbands speed up triage of victims during mass casualty incidents A new system aims to speed up the triage of victims during mass casualty incidents: Instead of colored paper tags, 1st responders use colored digital wristbands. These serve to locate victims and transmit essential data to crisis response control centers. Suit also demonstrates an app for Google android smartphones that lets victims buried alive under a collapsed building get in touch with rescue teams even though mobile phone systems are down.In the case of leukemia, cancer prohibits the normal blood function through the unusual cell division which impacts the bloodstream. Tumors which stay static in one spot and illustrate limited development are normally considered as benign. When is Cancer Dangerous? As soon as the tumors become malignant, they are already causing a huge danger to the physical body that it affects. This may happen when: * Invasion – a process wherein cancerous cells destroy the healthy tissues. This occurs when these cells can easily move through the entire whole body through the blood or lymph systems.

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