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When tested as individual biomarkers.

When tested as individual biomarkers, PCA3, and SPINK1 each outperformed PSA, which had all the men identified in the study as potentially positive for prostate cancer. ‘PSA was not predictive,’said Chinnaiyan. ‘You might as well throw a coin. ‘.

Although the best advice is to avoid exposure to carcinogenic substances to avoid the risk of bladder cancer increasing increasing frequent reduced urination and drinking be. Continue reading

New Enzyme Research targets osteoporosis.

.. New Enzyme Research targets osteoporosis, AustraliaA University of Queensland biophysical chemist on new research which one day may slow down or work off certain diseases.Dr Gary Schenk from the School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences, a $ 85,000 UQ Research Excellence Award to study a group of enzymes including an association with osteoporosis, a bone disease harmful. An enzyme works like a machine, you can feed a particular molecule a particular molecule), the enzyme something to do it, and out comes a product, Dr Schenk said. – When you are in a position to prevent this enzyme the action, you can be connected in fact fighting the disease with him.

In 2007n 2007, Advanced Medical Center fully trained staff fully trained staff of only 60 practices nationwide to offer the PROMETA program for the treatment of alcohol, cocaine and methamphetamine dependence. These medically supervised treatment program is designed to address both the neurochemical imbalances in the brain and some of malnutrition caused or worsened by chronic drug abuse.. More than 60 % of patients participating in clinical trials successfully started their addiction, while 97 per cent decline in the incidence of cravings. Continue reading

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