9 million people.

Of these, 1.9 million people, it predicted, while 82.5 % would undergo treatment, 4 % would have high-quality cancer, although there is no evidence that delaying biopsy until the PSA level reaches 4, cause 0 ng / mL would not an excessive number of potentially curable prostate cancer.

33 % of patients with PSA levels at or below 4.1 to 10.0 ng / ml and 41.3 % of patients with PSA levels from 10.1 to 20 ng / mL. The researchers estimated, if the PSA threshold for biopsy was brought to 2.5 ng / mL, so much as 6 million, the number of men diagnosed with abnormal PSA in the U.S., and 32 % of them would double be diagnosed as having prostate cancer from their needle biopsy.Of dopamine in disease resistor strengthened by hormones ghrelin.

Ghrelin, a hormone produced in the stomach be used to to improve the resistance, or slow to report the development of Parkinson ‘s disease, Yale School of Medicine research in one study in of a recently published issue of the Journal Neuroscience.

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