A Creighton suggests University study.

However, our study suggests that estrogen signaling is involved, and innovative hormonal treatments can help a number of women with ER – negative cancer, said Zhao – Yi Charlie Wang, the articles, the main author.. However,ffers hope for women with ER-negative breast cancerWomen taking estrogen – negative breast cancer may have more drug options than previously thought , a Creighton suggests University study. The study is in the 11th October online version of the journal Oncogene reported. The prevailing thought is that estrogen signaling is in the development in the development or progression of ER-negative breast cancer, and follow as a result, hormonal treatments, surgery or radiation is not an effective option for this type of cancer.

Wang, Professor of Cancer Research in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology and the Department of Pathology at Creighton University School of Medicine, described the results as very promising. He added that more research is needed. – ‘About 25-30 % of all breast cancers are ER – negative,’he said. ‘ER – negative breast cancers, especially triple-negative are generally very aggressive, young African-American women are especially at risk, this is potentially very promising news for these women.In October he quit the $ 10,000 Archon Genomics X PRIZE by Medco which challenges for sequence 100 genomes the Hundred Years displayed quickly, cheaply and accurately. As if that s do not futuristically sufficiently, he wants to take a hint from Star Trek? to reimagining of? aptly from this sci-fi hit tricordor uses an a device of analyzing the data and may. A variation of a tricorder is adapted for medical use, to diagnose disease and other specializing patients information.

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