A drug like metformin.

A drug like metformin, improves insulin sensitivity, could be seen as a possible alternative to drugs, the mTOR, but can have long-term deleterious effects on insulin production. Type 2 diabetes results from the inability of the body to properly use insulin. If left unmanaged, diabetes can lead to vision loss, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke and nerve or blood vessel.

The results of this study, by George Thomas by George Thomas, scientific director of the UC Metabolic Diseases Institute, are in 5th May issue of Cell Metabolism published.Fact or Myth? Cow milk is for the rise in allergies in the Western nations. There is no strong evidence for the theory to child will develop allergies child will develop allergies after earlier exposure to allergens, because of maternal diet during pregnancy or as supporting breast-feeding, but there is a opportunity that have yet – can be further explored.

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