A leading provider of multi-vendor agnostic.

July 2009 and Expansive Multi – Modality Cardiovascular PACS Implementation at Iowa HealthLUMEDX Corporation, a leading provider of multi-vendor agnostic, integrated medical imaging and information technologies, announced the completion of an extensive cardiovascular PACS deployment at Iowa Health System . Together with IHS, a team of technical and clinical experts implemented CardioPACS multi-imaging system with ten affiliate hospitals across Iowa and western Illinois in under six months. The first site, Trinity Regional Medical Center in Fort Dodge, went live third July 2009, and December 16, all ten sites were CardioPACS.

In connection with the transaction, Cell Biosciences raised U.S. $ 13 million led in a second tranche of its Series F Preferred Stock financing by Essex Woodlands Health Ventures. Existing investors including Novo A / S, Domain Associates, Latterell Venture Partners, Royal Bank of Canada, The Vertical Group and Lansing Brown Investments, also participated in the financing.And his colleagues found several issues to cells of of virus-based human iPS cells , which was derive ruled its use in of Parkinson disease model, however that nerve cells integrate of protein-based human iPS cells derived from vice versa illness if into the brains of rats transplantation modeling of Parkinson illness. It concluded that protein-based human iPS cells may be used in treating patient with Parkinson ‘s disease.. Parkinson disease results from which increasing loss a particular subset of nerve.

Sang – Reverse Parkinsons Disease Model Released ratsA team of scientists – led by Sang – Hun Lee, at the Hanyang University of, Republic of Korea , and Kwang-Soo Kim, at the Harvard Medical School, Belmont, – was well the possibility compared of several types on cells of is derived from human stem cells to turn disease in a rat model of Parkinson’s disease and lists a stem cell populations feel that was clinically relevant.

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