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EpiTag technology provides specific, quantitative multiplexed cell assays for the routine measurement of proteins and protein modifications in a user friendly format. Epitome technology is validated, scaleable and can broadly across the drug discovery and development continuum are used and translated to clinical biomarker applications.. About Epitome Biosystems,Epitome Biosystems application of its protein measurement platforms will to increase the productivity of the drug discovery and development and the understanding of disease and drug responses.

The FDA has received 280 reports of side effects with the infusions and involved about three-quarters of the reports off-label use of the Infuse Bone Graft.In Germany Can be who genetic causes ofirritating the bowel able have genetic causes. Scientists from the Institute of Human Genetics at Heidelberg University Hospital relationship connection. The root causes of so-called irritable bowel syndrome , a the most common diseases of the stomach tract, known as uncertain – which the diagnosis and management extremely difficult. The findings from Heidelberg in the in the prestigious scientific journal Human Molecular Genetics , improve the prospects for an effective drug against an illness that is frequently play downwardly as a functional disorder.

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