About the LCP-Tacro phase II clinical Trial Designthe clinical phase II trial treatment.

About the LCP-Tacro phase II clinical Trial Designthe clinical phase II trial, the enrollment in July 2007 began, was a three – sequence, open-label, multicenter, prospective, conversion to evaluate study stable renal transplant patients and compare the pharmacokinetics and the safety of LCP-Tacro tablets once-daily dosing compared to Prograf capsules twice daily dosage treatment . Stable kidney transplant inclusion / exclusion met all inclusion / exclusion criteria included and kept on Prograf for 7 days. Tacrolimus, a 24-hour pharmacokinetics study on Day 7 to determine pharmacokinetics of Prograf, all patients were converted to once daily LCP-Tacro. On day 14 and day 21, a 24-hour LCP-Tacro pharmacokinetics study was performed. On day 22, patients were converted back to their original twice daily dose of Prograf for a safety follow-up period of 30 days ending with a safety assessment on the day of the 52nd.

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