According to a report in the March 4 issue of JAMA.

Usage of clopidogrel plus PPI at any point in time was associated with a twenty five % increased odds of death or rehospitalization for ACS weighed against usage of clopidogrel without PPI. Related StoriesYoung diabetic females have six-fold heart attack riskNew test for coronary attack may save NHS millionsMRA therapy does not improve result in coronary attack patients without heart failureFor the average person outcomes, the rates of recurrent hospitalization for ACS and revascularization procedures were higher among patients taking clopidogrel plus PPI weighed against those taking clopidogrel without PPI. However, the risk of death was comparable between the two groups.One in four children now has a food allergy, in fact, and that %age is apparently on the rise, as there are simply no established safety guidelines for dichlorophenol publicity particularly. This means it is up to parents to limit their children’s exposure to chlorine by purchasing only organic, pesticide-free produce, for instance, and choosing swimming pools that are treated with organic salt than chlorine rather. Many home water filters are also duly equipped to remove chlorine from normal water, so be sure to use them in the event that you as well as your family drink water from the tap.

Antibacterial chemical in bath soaps disrupts hormone activities A new UC Davis study implies that a common antibacterial chemical substance put into bath soaps can alter hormonal activity in rats and in individual cells in the laboratory – and does so by a previously unreported system.

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