Accounting for approximately 35 % of most deaths in the state.

CDC urges cardiovascular disease patients get vaccinated against the flu every year Cardiovascular disease was the leading reason behind death in Florida in 2005, accounting for approximately 35 % of most deaths in the state. People with heart disease are at a high risk for serious and potentially life-threatening complications from the flu. As a result, the U .S. Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance recommends that cardiovascular disease sufferers get vaccinated against the flu each year.

Knowledge of environmental factors behind neurodevelopmental disorders is usually critically important because they are possibly preventable. CEHC created the list of ten chemicals within consumer products that are suspected to contribute to autism and learning disabilities to steer a research technique to discover possibly preventable environmental causes. The top ten chemicals are: 1.Lead 2.Methylmercury 3.PCBs 4.Organophosphate pesticides 5.Organochlorine pesticides 6.Endocrine disruptors 7.Automotive exhaust 8.Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons 9.Brominated flame retardants 10.Perfluorinated compounds In addition to the editorial, the various other four papers also call for increased research to recognize the possible environmental factors behind autism in America’s children.

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