Also in global health news: Pakistans farm land.

Also in global health news: Pakistan’s farm land; PMTCT in Kenya; Burkina Faso’s maternal health; health care access in Middle East Pakistan Moves Forward On Plans To Sell Farmland To Foreign Investors Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said Tuesday the country plans to sell farmland to foreign traders despite warnings by the U .N. That doing this could compromise farmers’ privileges, Reuters reports. Qureshi defended the government’s decision, saying that the land being sold was not in use and agriculture revenues would advantage the population. ‘[E]very dollar committed to agriculture creates more jobs than any additional sector, and I could openly state that agriculture development may be the important to alleviating poverty in Pakistan,’ he stated .

If the project is not working, the funding is definitely suspended,’ Global Post writes. World Lender Provides $178M To Nepal TO BOOST Health Services, HIV/AIDS Care and Food Security The World Bank provides $178 million to the federal government of Nepal for just two projects that will address health delivery, system strengthening, and food protection, reports. The second project will ‘assist vulnerable and highly food insecure populations by improving their access to healthy foods through’ a number of different initiatives, the news service reports . Study Examines Relationship Between Bed Net Distribution In Africa And Advancement Assistance ‘African countries who have received main support for bed net distribution are employing them as meant and many more children are being covered from malaria,’ KPLU’s ‘Humanosphere’ blog reports, citing a report by the Institute for Wellness Metrics and Evaluation released in PLoS Medicine .3 %age points and 4.6 %age factors , respectively’ .

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