Always wear your prescription eyewear and be sure that your glasses are clean.

– Always wear your prescription eyewear and be sure that your glasses are clean. – Use sunglasses with at least 99 percent UV protection when appropriate. – investigation anti – reflective or polarized glasses, so eye eye and glare. – Talk If you have problems when driving at night because of the difficulty seeing to your optician. Do not wear tinted glasses for night driving, and slightly tinted lenses may reduce the visual quality of the night – Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and West Virginia Arizona, Montana, New Mexico and South Carolinavision Council of Americastates with lax eye test for drivers renewing their licenses will jeopardize American roads laid, according to a new state-by – state report released today by the vision Council of America .

Heavy traffic to start the week before Thanksgiving climax, with the risk of fatal injuries increased by 42 % at the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and 19 % higher than normal on Thanksgiving Day. Over 30 million Americans traveled by car last Thanksgiving, and reduced prices for gas will contribute to an even higher volume of traffic. Risk risk, VCA suggests the following tips to help the driver stay safe on the roads:.Self insured an employer express their concern respect costs in connection with COBRA subsidies trial:.

Many employers have stated that containing that COBRA grants in the stimulus package , they have on potential financial burden of recovery of the health insurance premium of EUR jobless workers concerned According to a current survey, that AP / Miami Herald reports (Reg. / the Miami Herald, sub the stimulus package, employee finished involuntarily between September 1, 2008, December 2009, whose annual income is do not exceed $ 125,000 for singles or $ 250,000 for Family qualified for subsidies on up to 65 percent to the the cost of premiums COBRA cap to for as long as first nine months (emperors Daily Health Policy Report..

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