American Association of Heart Failure Nurses.

American Association of Heart Failure Nurses, Milner-Fenwick announce partnership Milner-Fenwick, a multi-media publisher for the health care community, and the American Association of Heart Failing Nurses announced a partnership which include the AAHFN's endorsement of Milner-Fenwick's Heart Failure Patient Education Video Series . The series consists of five videos concentrating on specific aspects of heart failure and a 1 hour program designed for individuals to use in the home, Living with Heart Failing: A Home Video Guideline. Topics cover a synopsis of heart failure, daily management skills, exercise and nutrition, medications, and tips for after leaving a healthcare facility. This partnership shall build on the existing series regarding to David Milner, Milner-Fenwick President.

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4.Laws and regulations can be explored that address risk elements common to diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and tumor, and that address the interaction between diabetes and certain infectious illnesses. 5.Businesses that establish suggestions for diabetes control and prevention should explore developing suggestions specifically for relevant law-based interventions. 6.As the Affordable Care Act expands insurance for people with diabetes or vulnerable to diabetes, the impact of such guidelines ought to be assessed and used to shape supportive policies, as appropriate.

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