And advises the older the importance of sleep in maintaining their health.

This findingregivers of Alzheimer’s patients more prone to Bad effects of insomniaThe burden of an elderly caregiver whose spouse suffers from Alzheimer often placed to sleep disorders that early early physical signs of cardiovascular problems. This finding further localize the negative effects a poor night’s sleep can have on a person well-being, and advises the older the importance of sleep in maintaining their health.

HIV-positive people threaten the fight against HIV / AIDS pandemic, experts sayhunger and malnutrition are almost always the two dangers in the fight against HIV / AIDS, and the need for food soon might the need for antiretroviral drugs among many surpass HIV positive people in the developing world, the AP/ABC2 News reports. According to the UN World Food Program, an estimated 3.8 million people took with HIV / AIDS worldwide food crisis support this year and 6.4 million would until 2008. Until 2008. Furthermore, a study found in the journal HIV Medicine published that malnourished HIV-positive people die six times higher when compared with antiretroviral drugs to HIV-positive people with a proper diet . Of of experts, poverty and hunger also help people engage in high risk sexual behavior money for food.Therefore, the new information on acid – experience has outlined in the study could to help in the treatment of a symptom PTSD. It is not clear, so-called the ability of to a positive or negative memories remember responsible for the treatment of PTSD, Rachel Yehuda, Director of of traumatic stress studies, said at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine New York.

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