As part of the review in 2007 entrance.

As part of the review in 2007, the NMC met with stakeholders from all corners of the UK, including nurses, midwives, employers, range of principles public, patients, unions and professional organizations entrance . These views are the primary influence on the development of the new code. – Dee Stanley – Smith, Provider Services Clinical Lead at Derby City PCT in in the consultation process, said: ‘The Code sets in words what to be a nurse to be a nurse, spelling my responsibility for the patient, the service and the. Occupation It reminds me proud to be a proud to be a nurse is working successfully in an ever-changing world. ‘.

A recent NMC online poll of more than 800 nurses and midwives has shown that 34 % were not convinced they knew what. In their code.Ms Kirkland added, Not only is the health care is constantly changing, so are the needs of patients instead of the code down pages of rules that would be inappropriate in light of the diversity of tasks and individual needs of the patient ‘s pocket money Size Code offers a wide range of principles care. .


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