Australias production employs around one million Australians

‘Countries that processing industries manufacturing them fast and those who can industries industries have, to the race. – ‘Australia’s production employs around one million Australians, generates 10 % of GDP and exports over $ A94 billion euro per year .

The Future Manufacturing National Research Flagship was the flagship recently been renovated, state-of-the – started art Flexible Electronics research facility at CSIRO’s Clayton laboratories.Flagship Director, Clive Davenport, said innovation is the key to the positioning of Australian the the challenges of the future are. a holistic approach and includes innovation with market integration with market integration, the flagship of the new technologies for the Australian industry will rationalizing that, said Mr. Davenport.

Over ovarian cancersOvarian cancer is the sixth most frequently diagnosed malignancy in women and eighth most frequent cause of cancer death in women world. Each year an estimated 230,000 with ovarian cancer with Brain Cancer in the world, and about 140,000 by from the disease1. Currently, treatment options to for women with this disease an operation and chemotherapy regimens. Ovarian entails high levels of vascular endothelial growth factor , a protein with tumors growth and spread of is allocated. Trials between one between a high concentration of VEGF and a poorer prognosis in women with ovarian Crab. Avastin is designed to VEGF targeted.

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