Berlex support his application for this expanded indication on data from its randomized study.

Berlex.. Berlex support his application for this expanded indication on data from its randomized study, BENEFIT*, the largest study of patients with first clinical signs of MS. The BENEFIT study showed September 2005, the risk of developing clinically definite MS by 50 % compared to placebo. In addition, patients in the Betaseron group were two times better protected against developing MS by the McDonald diagnostic criteria defined. The results of the BENEFIT study were in the joint ECTRIMS / ACTRIMS Congress on 30 September 2005, presented in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Analyzes revealedurnal of Clinical Investigation, December 2008TITLE: Mutant Hoxd13 induces extra digits in a mouse model of synpolydactyly directly and by decreasing retinoic acid synthesisAuthor Contact: Stefan Mundlos University tsmedizin Berlin, Berlin, Germany.View PDF of this article at:METABOLISM: Your genetic makeup influences the level of fats in the bloodA team of researchers, Helen Hobbs and Jonathan Cohen , led from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, has new insights into the genetic variation, several to to different levels of a fat content as triglycerides in the blood provided.We use the items of white biotechnology in our everyday lives. They contribute to ingredients the foods we eating, energy which we utilize generated produced by of renewable biomass instead of fossil fuels, the drugs we take, and everyday products such detergents, paint and paper.

The researchers have a way to a way decoys in the bacterial without necessarily departing knowledge the genes involved, patents That means they. Can be effective new medications for bacteria within a few years and developing at a fraction of the normal cost. Toxic by-products processes. The technology can giving freshness patent period are to existing antibiotics – having you they patented than a new drug can be combined. These comes at a moment as the number new antibiotics be received approval fallen dramatically -. Faced with antibiotic in the pharmaceutical industry has Add of new products new products.

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