Biologist woman Aintzane Apraiz the 4-HPR studied in depth.

After the previous research, this ability to rise to induce cell death. Applied applied this synthetic derivative to acute lymphoblastic leukemia T cells . Study in a leukemia model: defended her doctoral thesis at the University of the Basque Country , the role of sphingolipids and oxidative stress in antineoplasic activity of 4-HPR. Thanks to thanks to new technological advances, has been able to show Mrs. Apraiz that it was not the ceramides, umulated due to the 4-HPR effect are but their precursors – dihydroceramides , the latter thought to be biologically inactive today.

In 1990r the interests of patients and the independence and professionalism of Medical Specialty Societies promotingThe American College of Physicians , the largest medical specialty organization and the second-largest physician group in the United States, announced the signing CMSS Code for Interactions with companies that published by the Council of Medical Societies . The intent of the code is there, medical societies, the development of policy and procedures to ensure the independence and transparency lead of its programs, policies, and advocacy positions in relationships with industry to safeguard.Binge drinking is much longer a portion of the the lifestyle of young person final score adult. The majority 45-64 year olds will be slightly to drink a often.

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