Biomatrica announces strategic partnership agreement with In-Q-Tel Biomatrica.

Extremophiles such as for example tardigrades, also referred to as water bears, and brine shrimp can defend their DNA, RNA, proteins, membranes and cellular systems in a dried condition for long periods of time. Biomatrica’s technology mimics the organic molecular mechanisms utilized by these organisms. The technology functions by forming a thermo-steady barrier through the drying process to safeguard samples from degradation during storage space at room temperature.‘At present, there's little that orthopedists can do to regenerate a torn knee meniscus,’ said study head Jeremy Mao, DDS, PhD, the Edwin S. Robinson Professor of Dentistry at the Medical Center. ‘Some small tears could be sewn back place, but larger tears need to be removed surgically. While removal helps reduce pain and swelling, it leaves the knee without the natural shock absorber between the femur and tibia, which greatly escalates the risk of arthritis.’ A damaged meniscus can be replaced with a meniscal transplant, using tissue from other parts of the physical body or from cadavers. That procedure, however, includes a low success rate and carries significant risks.

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