CARE Act and Medicaid assistance.

This HIV / AIDS rates are directly correlated to the high number of graduates AIDS Drug Assistance Program , CARE Act and Medicaid assistance. In June 2003, Texas ranked 4th Louisiana and 9th Written in place of the number of people in ADAP. In 2004, Texas received more than $ 131 million CARE Fund which they 4th in the amount of funds that receive them, while Louisiana 12th Medicaid support in these countries is also very high ranking third with Texas and Louisiana ranking 12th in the number of enrollees as of June 2004.

The HIV / AIDS Emergency Hurricane Relief Act, HR 4633 approved $ 500 million for a comprehensive, targeted response that includes: – Creating an HIV / AIDS Emergency Response Coordinator in the Department of Health and Human Services to ensure responsible for the coordination between HHS agencies of the Public Health service and state and local governments, the medical care and treatment, including housing and supportive services;.Regulators and industry representatives, including the nation’s largest drugstore chain, Walgreens, who advocated the develop of NSF log. Of OTC and prescription medications protocol is provided which in NSF American National Standards and for OTC and prescription drugs of NSF International, an independent organization which to write standard and testing developed certifies products for groceries, water, diet sectors, health and wellness consumer products NSF has moment form a Joint Committee shall in order to develop the protocol.

Food and Drug developing global protocol for over-the – counter drug and Script Drug Manufacturers ‘ respect well estimate.

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