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June 2010 at 09 info.

At 09.30rculating DNA Might Prostate Cancer Diagnosis aidNew research suggests that free circulating DNA blood levels may indicate the presence of prostate cancer and it may improve the specificity of prostate specific antigen test. The study was performed on the 105th Annual Scientific Meeting of of the American Urological Association is presented info . Rakesh Singal, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine presents this information on a special press conference on Tuesday, June 2010 at 09.30 clock PDT.

The main problem associated with PSA screening for prostate cancer is that the test is not specific. Only a third of people with elevated PSA are indicative of prostate cancer after a biopsy that a large proportion of patients subjected to unnecessary prostate biopsy diagnoses. Studies at the University of Miami Sylvester Cancer Center conducted examined the usefulness fcDNA analysis in a typical prostate cancer screening setting. Gh levels were prostate cancer prostate cancer risk and improves the specificity of PSA screening. Therefore, a reliable predictor of prostate cancer fcDNA and may reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies. Continue reading

The study was conducted by Ronald N.

The study was conducted by Ronald N. Professor of Pediatrics and Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Associate Director of the Children’s Research Institute, Children’s Hospital and Health System. Children’s Hospital is a major teaching affiliate of the Medical College.

Enhance the abilityabolic differences in how adults, infants and children process drugs shows, studyA Medical College of Wisconsin study provides the strongest and most complete evidence of major changes during human development in the types and levels of enzymes, the date for the disposition of drugs and chemicals in the environment. Continue reading

NC A drug designed to mimic the effects of vitamin D hormone can be in a position köpa cialis per piller.

Laboratory studies vitamin D hormone may increase prostate cancer treatment mimicsContact: Karen Richardson 336-716-4587 Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Centerreporting Wake Forest University Baptist Medical CenterWinston-Salem, NC – A drug designed to mimic the effects of vitamin D hormone can be in a position, the effectiveness of radiotherapy for prostate cancer report, researchers at from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center to increase in the current online edition of the British Journal of Cancer. – About 30 % of men with locally advanced prostate cancer fail radiation therapy because the cancer cells the the treatment, said Constantinos Koumenis, lead researcher. Any agent that increases the sensitivity of cancer cells to radiation, without significantly affecting normal cells would be of great benefit köpa cialis per piller . . Media Contacts: Karen Richardson. Continue reading

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