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Chen pointed out that for all Americans, the liver cancer death rate is less than 10 % at five years.Researchers also discovered that Laotian / Hmong rather with cancer in later stages of the disease , which should be led to the poorer survival outcomes diagnosed pe medisiner . The group was also the least likely to any kind of treatment a liver transplant. A liver transplant. Only 3 % of Laotian / Hmong – Americans with liver cancer operated or liver transplantation, examined compared to 22 % of other Asian-Americans.

The study revealed significant differences in survival rates for Asian-Americans diagnosed with liver cancer. The mean survival rate for the Laotian / Hmong Americans study, only study, only one month. It was three months for the Cambodian – Americans and four months for the Thai and Filipino – Americans. The survival rate was 6 months for Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese – Americans. The Korean and South Asian-American survival rate was seven months. – The Lao Hmong have the worst survival rates for liver cancer – between 1:59 times larger than the sum the Asian-American groups already poor, said Chen.

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The survey findings clearly shows that the exposure to BPA those tested beverage is extremely low. The report, Health Canada civil servants confirm their previous conclusion that actual of dietary exposure to BPA over food packages used not expected to pose a risk to public health. The same result was was also affirmed at by other international Dining regulatory agencies the United States , the United Kingdom and Australia – Zealand. Explained Dr part of its ongoing Research Programme U.S. Food and Drug Administration scientist recently published the results by two studies on the pharmacokinetics releases. The data from these studies indicate that BPA metabolizes efficiently and effectively from the body. From the body. The study authors determined that no age-related effect in the ability to metabolize BPA and that the past at the on postnatal rats, probable predict the about the possible effects. Health Canada was once again confirmed that BPA-based liners in using with food and drink is is safe for use and to migrate extraordinarily low BPA in the its goods Paired with new research to the FDA, which demonstrate that primates such as people, soon quickly to metabolize. These marks and removing it from the body is compelling evidence by BPA security, said Dr. John Rost, NAMPA President of the.

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