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The dangers of repetitive traumatic mind injuries are currently weighing on the thoughts of many athletes who take part in contact sports. More information is showing that multiple concussions or repeated mind blows over time can lead to neurological problems down the road, especially a degenerative mind disease known as persistent traumatic encephalopathy . The disease is only diagnosed in deceased people whose brains are examined definitively, but people affected have been known to encounter Alzheimer’s like symptoms like memory loss, changes in feeling like depression, problems with cognition, behaviors like aggression and confusion, and difficulty with motor abilities.I was acquiring antibiotics at that time and actually didn’t think a lot of it, she provides. THEREFORE I tried drinking water and when the stuck sense didn’t go away after 45 minutes, I thought something may be wrong. My son required me to the ER and yes, today I realize I will immediately have called 9-1-1. Following the ER personnel ran an EKG , they told Betsy she was having a coronary attack. Next thing I understood, they took me right to the cardiac cath lab and inserted a stent to start my artery. After two times in the hospital, I came home and started cardiac rehab 3 x a full week for about the last 5 weeks.

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