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They form the reality, in part by using a process of social construction. In this way they can add a person to their memory that they rescue from the undesirable situation that the trauma may be caused. Patient, thus creating a new reality, reducing the severity of their ‘flashbacks’ and finally dissipate throughout.. Language, or rather, what the therapist and patient discuss , is a central concept in this form of therapy. Even better results can integration integration of the letter therapy. For example, Penn discovered that rape victims benefit enormously in the description of the traumatic event, first loudly and then on paper.The genes of only be include about 2.5 per cent of up to 3 %age of human DNA. Between genes extended ‘non-coding ‘or non – genomic DNA. Mannerfunction. – from non – gene DNA have ‘regulatory sequences’, switch the genes on or off, or turn their activity up or down like an dimmer. Other DNA sequences are designed for folding and packing the DNA into the nuclear of all cells. – regarded five up to 50 % of the DNA are be useless junk, ‘depending on on whom you ask, although likely least half of the ‘junk ‘DNA will end up with an fairly important role,’Capecchi says. Capecchi is for development used gene targeting to, in which mice off with a gene or ‘deflected ‘to see what goes wrong are grown testify, so of the gene to normal function and as disease it makes known to to malfunction.

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