CQC earlier doubts about the trust in 2009

CQC earlier doubts about the trust in 2009, after it found problems with infection control, the A & E environment and consistently high mortality. CQC regional director Frances Carey said. There have been some big problems in this trust in the past, so we want it a close look at keep for some time to come .

To avoid vaccine each year at least 3 million deaths and save 750,000 children of disability worldwide; series of seven vaccines for children in the U.S. Saves $ 53! in the U.S. And direct and societal costs over the life of the born in a single year and in the 1950s in the U.S., the smallpox had a mortality rate of 30 percent, and 50 million people affected annually. Until 1979, the disease was eradicated due to the worldwide vaccination program. Using additional research and funding organizations and raise awareness about the importance of routine vaccinations, more diseases from the U.S. And around the world to be eradicated.

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WHO Strongly recommends that governments focusing control and prevention effort to four main areas:.

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