CT scans used to monitor success of cancer treatments cause more cancer.

‘The organizations that suggest these protocols have to reevaluate this aggressive usage of CT and probably opt for MRI or ultrasound.’ Carried out at UC Davis, the scholarly research evaluated the information of 7,301 men diagnosed between 1988 and 2006 with nonseminomatous germ cell tumors, which are the most common type that happen in testicular cancer patients. The team found that males who undergo the normal 15 CT scans in five years protocol after treatment are more likely to get secondary cancers than guys who opt for other forms of post-treatment monitoring. ‘The medial side effect is worse than the disease,’ Chamie stated, regarding CT scans.These products could be irritating to eyes, skin, and the respiratory system, and some of these even contain known carcinogens. In addition, research has shown that pregnant women who are regularly exposed to cleaning products increase their baby`s risk for asthma. The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents of Kids studied over 13,000 children and found that exposure to household cleaners increased a child`s risk of asthma by 41 percent. Because of the growing public concern over chemical substance cleaners there are various more options for natural cleaners. Many commercial brands present green cleaning products but individuals also have the option to create their very own green cleaners for a fraction of the price using items they most likely have in their house.

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