Editorial: results fascinating.

Countries need good governance in mental health researchTaghi Yasamy by the World Health Organization , Switzerland, and colleagues reported on the difficulties of good mental health research governance in low and middle income countries face in this week’s PLoS Medicine.

In addition, Yasamy and colleagues proposals to promote good mental health research.The team recognized organize organize the general direction of the mental health research, with around with issues such as research prioritization, organization structure, relatively limited capacity and resource planning and expensive studies to evaluate the balance of resources to handle and Services cheap methods. Explain explain – :.‘ ‘Muresan and gentlemen are trying suggest answer an interesting question that a fast Rating beds with NIH Stroke Scale to predict the good resonance , and vice versa, it bad responder predict such May 2010 to start consideration mechanical interventions intra-arterial treatment or other alternative therapies. ‘.. Editorial: results fascinating. In Chicago, need to be confirmed’Evidence-based justification for the treatment in acute ischemic stroke is collected over the past 15 years,’writes Jos? from Loyola University in the Chicago, in an accompanying editorial.

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