Entitled Targeting the JAK2 in hematological malignancies cymbalta generics.

Entitled ‘Targeting the JAK2 in hematological malignancies, ‘the poster described how SuperGen used its CLIMB technology to several models for the screening for the screening of 2 cymbalta generics .3 million virtual small molecule compounds built. A subset of a subset of assembly, screened in silico algorithms to identify were to follow ‘druggable ‘candidates. Testing of the lead candidates in treated leukemia cell cultures indicated the JAK2 kinase inhibitors were active against both wild type and mutant JAK2 kinase activity and caused marked inhibition of tumor growth. – ‘Our JAK2 kinase inhibitor program example of how example of how we put our CLIMB drug discovery process to identify and optimize of preclinical drug candidates,’said Dr. Gregory Berk, SuperGen ‘s Chief Medical Officer. ‘This proprietary process allows us to rapidly in pre-clinical testing of drug candidates. The in vitro inhibition of tumor growth by our lead JAK2 kinase inhibitors shows promise that this program has to treat both blood cancers and solid tumors.’.

A copy the poster presentation will be in the pipeline section of SuperGen ‘websiteAbout SuperGenin Dublin, California, SuperGen Inc. Is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, rapid development and commercialization of therapies solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. Forward-looking statements of therapeutic products for anti-cancer and cell signaling protein kinase inhibitors and DNA methyltransferase inhibitors focused. For more information about SuperGen, please visit.

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Partner in the research:This the the CQRS, NHRDP / CIHR, U.S. NICAD and NCOVR. The study was done by the University? en Montr? King’s College London, University of Laval University of Quebec, McGill University in, Carnegie Mellon University the Inserm France.

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