How GMO Foods AvoidAvoid the big four.

How GMO Foods AvoidAvoid the big four, which is now to five: The highly GM crops are soybean, canola and cottonseed. Add sugar, which are now becoming GMO.Most blended oils in North America include rapeseed and cottonseed oil. Use olive oil instead of virgin. Avoid all soy products and oils and. The healthy alternative is usually not so healthy after all, since most soy GMOs if not specifically identified non-GMO.

Meanwhile, the research GMO GMO suppressed suppressed.. Then came Michael Taylor, Monsanto, you know, the current Food Czar guy, and thus create an important position in the FDA policy on GMO foods. The policy he instated essentially determined that there is food, there is no difference to any other food, and when the biotech company that produces genetically modified foods , they say for sure is that good enough? The FDA guidelines for GM foods remains the same to this day. Meanwhile the Recovered documents from the biotech companies and independent tests that the GMO companies very little very little testing, but also often wrong to cheat on the exam and have on the results! These junk science and PR lies is what gets to the mainstream media and the press on the FDA or even from the biotechnology press releases.The study will expected to close in 24 months.. In addition to Dr. A talented group of researchers comprise that UMMS research team, including: does Guangping Gao, the great experience in the development adeno-associated virus; Richard Moser, a neurosurgeon with knowledge in the Resection of of brain tumors and brains accessing compartments and Marian DiFiglia, the Massachusetts General Hospital, is an expert in the neuropathology and mechanism of HD. Kitty Clarence – Smith, Lundbeck Inc., a neuro – pharmacology key role in the instrumental in the approval from the first FDA – drug approved to HD chorea, Robert Friedlander, Professor and Chairman of Neurosurgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine: Consultants to the project are which staff will to the study, to survive of neurons in HD, and Michael Levine, Professor and Chairman Neuro – Psychiatric Institute at the UCLA an expert on HD animal models of.

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