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If therefore, the idea cold have a broad influence both on the understanding of the physiology of the receptors, and on the testing and development of specific medicines for a wide range of illnesses, all with fewer unwanted effects. For the scholarly research, Barnea and his lab plan to develop many strains of mice in which the particular types of dopamine receptors will become monitored. Barnea stated he developed the theory that led to the EUREKA award from his main focus on understanding how the mind analyzes the information it receives from the nasal area to perceive scents.The latest breakthrough is the Da Vinci robotic medical procedures technique that has changed the perception of surgeries for sufferers worldwide. Sometimes when medication and various other nonsurgical treatments prove to be incompetent to provide the intended results, medical procedures is the approved treatment for broad range cardiac, gynecologic, general and urological conditions. In prostate cancer treatments, open prostatectomy and laparoscopic procedures are widely performed using Da Vinci robotic system. Robotic surgery strategies are great relief for patients as they offer less invasive surgical options with quality results. The Da Vinci robotic procedure system is a high-tech robotic system designed primarily to support the surgeon’s features and assist in providing patients with a state-of-the-art minimally invasive technique for challenging surgeries.

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