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The research, partly funded by a $ 1,000 Australian Research Council Linkage Grant, was a joint project between drug development company Cytopia Limited and the Protein Crystallography Unit.Like electricity and computers before it nanotechnology will bring greatly improved efficiency and productivity of in many areas of of human endeavor. Its mature form, aka molecular manufacturing, it affect impact on nearly all industries and all sections of society. Customize nanofactories is a better integral, longer lasting, cleaner, safer, and intelligent products for the home offer, for communication, on medicine, for transport, for farming and industry in general.

‘These new essay examine many which radical changes which molecular manufacturing will be bring to society. We hope that to our readers decision, to the important work of awareness raising and the search for effective solutions for the challenges presented to the world are involved through advanced nanotechnology. ‘. Mike Treder Centre for Responsible Nanotechnology crnano.. Yet as general purpose technology, molecular manufacturing becomes too be dual-use, indicating that in addition to of civilian applications, there will to be are military purposes, and – what infinitely more powerful tools and weapons of the monitor.

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