In direct defiance of President Bushs wish to ban such study.

The research can be justified by Harvard’s desire to become world leader in the field of stem cell research and the university which is one of the richest in the globe plans build a science complex to accommodate the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. Stem cell study is definitely a controversial matter and pro-existence campaigners repeatedly argue that the process, which involves disposing of the used embryo, sums to going for a human existence. Related StoriesTUM researchers uncover signaling pathways that play vital role in self-renewal of blood stem cellsLight-chain amyloidosis individuals treated with high-dosage chemo and stem cell transplantation have long-term survivalBlood stem cell self-renewal dependent on surroundingsBut Harvard believes the potential benefits of the programme considerably outweigh such worries.At least 200,000 People in america are now killed each year by pharmaceutical drugs, which is greater than the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents. Be sure to read the full story at The American Wish:.

Capitol Hill health plan news: Fact-checking Pelosi on Medicare; Senior GOP wellness adviser to leave House; Redefining rural doctor access A selection of tales revolving around Capitol Hill, including an effort to expand mental health care. The Washington Post's The Fact Checker: Nancy Pelosi's DECLARE THAT The GOP Would Raid Medicare For Tax Cuts We are reluctant to re-litigate the rhetoric of the 2012 presidential campaign, but this comment by Rep.

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