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In this way , a patient may be developed focused record. In a single health care industry could be a single technical solution, but the implementation of these standards would not this imperative, consistent and reliable detection of patient data and the transmission of clinical data on the interface between different contexts would assist the care.

Hong Kong authorities have lifted a three-week ban on live poultry from the southern Guangdong Province. The ban was imposed after a man died as a result of bird flu infection in provincial capital of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Guangdong of chicken is a major source of food in Hong Kong.000 live chickens were in the province been brought by truck. The last time a person was infected with bird flu in Hong Kong was in 2003.Put make that the use the first quarter of the year 2009 and are planning priority review the request. .. Elan Drug ElectronicsAcorda Therapeutics, Inc. announced positive outcomes by his second Phase 3 clinical trial of fampridine – SR on ambulation of patients with multiple sclerosis . An considerably greater proportion of the people had been fampridine SR in the study, a consistent improvement walking speed compared to people who received placebo measured. Non-responders walking pace , the primary endpoint of study, as shown in the Special Protocol Assessment process by the U.S.

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