Its the pain of chronic migraine patients.

– Stimulating therapy that a nerve HITS: New research shows early implanted device relieves migraine almost every day could help to promote a nerve just right, its the pain of chronic migraine patients. Occipital nerve stimulation, in which an implanted neurostimulator sends electrical impulses to the central nervous system, it was shown that 40 % of near – daily migraine patients any success with any success with standard pain medication. Promotion of N. Occipitalis, a tingling sensation a tingling sensation appears mechanisms mechanisms that block the perception of pain in the brain.

The study was conducted at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and studied 302,000 cases of cancer in Florida, some 30,000 of them in Hispanics, especially in other countries were born. The study found that the Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans, Florida Florida twice, 39 percent and 65 percent or more likely to cancer compared with those who remained develop in their own countries. According to articles, live despite the observed increase in cancer rates, Hispanic immigrants in Florida even lower cancer rates than whites or blacks live in Florida (Lamendola, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.Those who read a greater proportion of diagnosis mammograms, they say, may tend to be to develop a lower threshold, expect an increased rate of cancers. , Having the minimal number the minimum number allow by Act and whoever have compared fewer emphasis on screening, physicians Robert D on screening and interpret 2500-4000 mammograms every year has 50 % fewer false-positive diagnoses in recognizing as one lower Krebs per 2,500 mammography, the authors write.. The authors suggest that physicians who more more mammography to read overall concept and reading read for more to make to a higher threshold for to identification of cancer and better overall.

Screening mammograms are the nature of to obtain most of the women. These images can be designed to everyone cancer, could be discovering hide in females without breast symptoms. Have a history of breast cancer or other symptoms have – or the experience of symptoms at the time its examination – received diagnosis mammographies. After two to five years of asymptomic Your Medical typically usually mammograms.

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