Job cuts and services here and now might solve the problem.

Janet Davies said: Trusts to drastic to drastic the government the government achieve the objective to solve their financial problems April next year, job cuts and services here and now might solve the problem. Short short, but the NHS pay undoubtedly the price in the long term.

Term personnel planning, the long-term consequences of short assesses long-term actions. Assessment of the impact of deleting posts and recruitment freezes on staffing and workload Put an end to the culture of short-term solution of vacancy freezes, layoffs and post deletions and toward counseling and appropriate. Alternatives for students, one year guaranteed of employment and teachers ship in the acceptance and implementation of the NHS Workforce Review Team recommendations pre reg commissions, in the current proposals could us back to 2000 in relation to the nursing education..And other areas of the International Treaty on to ban cluster munition – UNICEF welcomed adoption a comprehensive new international treaty to stop the production, use and disclosure of deadly cluster bombs have caused of children. Of children.

‘It is an important treaty is and UNICEF calls on all the governments signing and ratify there as soon as possible,’said Hilde F. Johnson, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director. Can be stay cluster munitions active on the watch to decades of.

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