Kenyan government admits Failure To Fund HIV / AIDS spread by U.

What remains is for the Kenyan government the money the money quickly and effectively. Bellamy said Awori I. Urge you again to use all your influence this government this government to spend responsibly the funds they to fight AIDS to fight AIDS. over 1 in 2000, in Kenya have died of AIDS-related causes since 1984. Kenya’s HIV / AIDS prevalence of 14 percent in 2000, fell to 7 percent in 2004, and about 1.4 million HIV-positive people living in the country, according AFP/ (AFP/News24.. Kenyan government admits Failure To Fund HIV / AIDS spread by U.S. Ambassador criticism fight. The Kenyan Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday a day after a speech by U.S. Ambassador to Kenya, William Bellamy, that he has failed to distribute $ 54 million in funding the fight against HIV / AIDS, / / CNN International fight.

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