Lower performance on tests measuring learning.

Lower performance on tests measuring learning, when paired with slower speed on the Trail Making Test or a lower score on the depression scale, the development of mild cognitive impairment predicts a year later with an accuracy of 80 to 100 % in the sample.

Researcher Rush University Medical Center have found that lower, though not necessarily affects performance depends on tests measuring story learning or retention and processing speed in motor tasks visual control, as well as symptoms of depression, later cognitive decline predicted a normal population.According of the NIH , in USA:.. Diabetes is a serious public health issue nationally. Almost half of adult Americans the age of 65 will have prediabetes and are huge risk of of developing type 2 diabetes. The expansion of community-based diabetes prevention programs will not only prevent diabetic from developing to among adults as well save $ 191 billion in costs in the health with a 10 year time period, according to The Urban Institute. The timing is a perfect for minimize which Congress proven and economical programs for the decrease health care costs, and to improve especially to help the lives of Americans.

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