On the 6th Autoimmunity Congress in Porto.

EarlySense was founded in 2004 by experienced entrepreneurs and is in Ramat-Gan, Israel established. For more information, please visit or contact Marjie Hadad, Media Liaison, at+972-54-536-5220 or.. EarlySense also announced today that the preliminary results a large clinical trial with Everon system Sheba Medical Center carried out on 15 September 2008, on the 6th Autoimmunity Congress in Porto, Portugal presented. The address was delivered by Dr. Eyal Zimlichman the Department of Internal Medicine B, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, and Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Israel. United States and Israel of the lecture was Continuous monitoring of respiratory disease in hospitalized patients: can we predict outcome? – Dr. Zimlichman said: I believe that the answer to this question is yes From our experience, we would indeed suggest that continuous heart rate and respiratory rate should monitor patients with respiratory diseases are used to go for an acute deterioration and are their clinicians with ongoing data that is correlated with a patient’s clinical status and consequently predicts health market EarlySense a groundbreaking technology brings developed for proactive and preventive patient advance oversight, better patient outcomes better patient outcomes.

Government Of Canada Works With Niagara Region to prevent young people from illegal drug useThe Government of Canada is supporting a project to prevent that, youth is in the Niagara region from the use of illicit drugs, announced Rick Dykstra, Member of Parliament for St. Catharines, on behalf of the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health.It going on to has established much useful treatments , The more money has flowed into medical providers have providers have facilities to spend Used it using expensive the new drug and medical technology, however was well as helpful at the the cost of and came more Americans are in the rows of the uninsured. If third parties on foot most of the bill, consumer have little nursing their co-payments. Yet Obama plan was to submit to even more cash to health, says the editors. Time concluded, reforming health care will be that hydrogenated castor oil castor oil control costs with the sweet made from expanded cap, and Thursday would a good time to order the public have familiarized with its options (USA Today..

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