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Children fatigue while walking with weighted packs They found that children, unlike adults, do not fit their stride when tired 13.2 poundsportionate backpack weight compensate with a dramatic decline in their head forward and uneven posture, stress on the body stress on the body, which directly affect , if not avoided, if not avoided long term damage long term damage to the spine.. While experts previously proposed limiting backpack loads up to 10 % of a child’s body weight, there is little research on what weights can affect posture and gait in children showing published. Since almost 25 % of the young students carry packs weighing more than 20 % of their body weight on a daily basis, and more than 6,000 children were seen in the emergency room in 2001 for injuries related to a backpack, still the researchers effects of examine of the heavy pack on children.##In 2006, Ordovas a USDA Secretary Year Report Honour Award for his significant contributions in the field nutrigenomics. The distinction of is the most prestigious given by USDA. For further information about working on the USDA HNRCA Ordovas see ‘Genes and Diet Connected to risks factor of heart ‘the September / October 2006 issue of the Friedman Nutrition Notes.[.

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