Other companies have testing IL-12 as is an anti cancer drug.

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The team used microarrays to examine the entire human genome response to infection of cells with Toxoplasma. It localizes a number of genes in the immune response after they were involved active exposed to the parasite. Through a series of logical assumptions, they identified the Toxoplasma protein ROP16 as the culprit for the development of immunological changes in human cells. An important point is that responding responding responsible for strain-specific differences in the host cell to infection.

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In 2009.is one genetically engineered AS1409 fusion protein comprising combines the anti-tumor cytokine IL – tumor targeting tumor-targeting antibody. Other companies have testing IL-12 as is an anti cancer drug. Clinical studies promising signs of activities in RCC and melanoma. IL-12 and cause significant side effects. The combination of IL-12 from a terminal illness – targeting antibodies aims targeted for its effect about tumors. Preventing unwanted effects on healthy tissue.

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