PRESS RELEASE CVS/pharmacy, the nation's leading retail pharmacy, officially announced today the April schedule of Project Health , a wellness system delivering more than $21 million worth of free wellness screenings to multicultural communities throughout 2012. As part of National Minority Wellness Month, CVS/pharmacy will offer free health screenings at select stores in African American and Latino communities in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Houston, LA, Miami, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC . ‘Usage of preventive treatment is one method we help the communities we provide,’ stated Troyen A.

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Calcium and Your Child Milk and additional calcium-rich foods certainly are a must-have in kids’ diets. After all, calcium is an integral foundation for strong, healthful bones. But most children ages 9 to 18 don’t get the suggested 1,300 milligrams of calcium per day. That’s not surprising considering that many kids now drink much more soda than milk, which is among the best sources of calcium. And teens who smoke cigarettes or drink soda, caffeinated drinks, or alcohol gets even less calcium because those substances interfere with the way the body absorbs and uses calcium. But at every age group, from infancy to adolescence, calcium is a single nutrient that kids just can’t afford to skip. What Calcium Does During childhood and adolescence, your body uses the mineral calcium to build strong bones — an activity that’s all but full by the end of the teen years.

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