Professor Ian Morgan.

Professor Ian Morgan, from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Vision Science, and the Australian National University in Canberra, and team report in the second paper in The Lancet Series on Ophthalmology that these extremely high prevalence of myopia associated is higher education, according to recent data, indicating that the lack of daylight exposure could have a great impact on this gigantic problem.

‘Even if successful prevention is possible to East Asia will still face, for around the next 100 years, with an adult population more at risk for the development of pathological[high] myopia progress. In our understanding of the natural history of pathologic myopia is therefore essential, and while there are some promising developments in treatment, more effective treatments are still required.The Harvard researchers are among the first, that bones of lead in investigating the effects of the life use lead exposures on disease risk, the best biological markers for estimating a individual to perform cumulative exposure by skeleton of lead there is provided. said Dr. Howard Hu , professor of occupational and environmental medical Harvard School of Public Health and co-author study. reflect Since blood lead levels only be current pictures, they are are not suitable developing by age-related diseases such as cataracts, to predict the many years are themselves. . Contacts:.. Under foam mountain develop cataract due to cumulative damage lens of the eyes is of lead the lens is that give a gradual damage certain proteins in epithelial cells, and this finally leads at undergo cataract, she said.

80, .. The Harvard researchers to test whether bones lead levels are known in both tibia and patella , also known as the patella, measure, have been taken having cataract in an ongoing study by men of around Boston associated. Given the strong bond between tibial of lead and cataract in males, we appreciate that lead exposure plays an important role about 42 per cent of cataracts this population, said Debra Schaumberg, assistant professor of medicine and ophthalmic Harvard Medical School and lead author studies.

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