Publishing a series of stories attacking from dietary therapies to bioidentical hormones.

Sources for this tale include: Wikipedia AP tale attacking bioidentical hormones: AP tale attacking Suzanne Somers: Suzanne Somers’ new publication that challenges the conventional cancer industry: AP tale attacking acupuncture:.. Associated Press declares war on alternative remedies The Linked Press has declared war in alternate medicine, publishing a series of stories attacking from dietary therapies to bioidentical hormones. These stories, which are syndicated across a large number of websites around the world, are prefaced with the following highly-opinionated Editor’s Note : EDITOR’S NOTE: Ten years and $2.5 billion in research have found no cures from alternative medicine.Hayes, a cardiologist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Coffee is often made out to end up being potentially harmful to your heart. There really was not any study that said coffee is bad. If you are drinking coffee now, you might be doing the right and you are likely not doing harm, she added. The extensive research, led by Susanna Larsson at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, includes the most common caveats: more analysis is needed and the cause of the power isn’t clear. It could be reducing irritation and enhancing insulin sensitivity, Larsson theorized, or it could be the antioxidants in espresso. As for your mochachino, no word yet on the advantages of whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Thursday in the American Center Association journal Stroke The findings were published online.

Big upsurge in hepatitis C-related deaths in the usa Hepatitis C-related deaths in the usa increased by 123 % from 1995 through 2004, the newest year that data can be found.

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