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In 2011, the COPD Alliance will launch a nationwide program targeted at educating primary treatment clinicians about how to identify and diagnose COPD in high-risk patients, as well as provide initial care and education because of their patients with COPD. Within this ongoing initiative, the five medical societies will develop and deliver an education program tailored to the knowledge and awareness degree of their associates while keeping a constant message about the need for COPD identification and diagnosis.AACN will award three $50,000 Impact Study Grants in 2012, the final year of the initial three-year program. Applicants may demand up to $50,000 altogether costs. Research should be completed in two years. AACN continues to provide annually the AACN-Sigma Theta Tau Critical Care AACN-Philips and Grant Medical Systems Outcomes Grant, up to $10,000 each. All extensive research grant applications opened up Sept. 1 and should be submitted by Nov on-line.

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