Seventy-three % of patients receiving aprepitant experienced no vomiting through the study period.

Aprepitant drug can reduce vomiting and nausea when combined with other anti-nausea drugs Bone marrow transplant individuals state two of the most debilitating unwanted effects of the procedure are nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy and radiation. But a Loyola University Health System research has found the drug aprepitant can dramatically reduce both nausea and vomiting when combined with other anti-nausea medicines. Seventy-three % of patients receiving aprepitant experienced no vomiting through the study period, compared with 23 % of sufferers who received a placebo 50 and 100 mg . Forty-nine % of aprepitant patients experienced no vomiting and little or no nausea, compared with 15 % of the placebo group.

Artwork123 was created using Arana’s proprietary antibody engineering systems. Patents have already been filed around the novel system of action of ART123, which includes demonstrated efficacy in a pre-clinical psoriasis model. Preclinical protection studies are anticipated to commence in 2010 2010. The AMD clinical trial is expected to start in the first half of 2009, at the mercy of the successful completion of ongoing pre-clinical dose-ranging studies. Data from long term pre-scientific osteoarthritis research are also likely to be available in early 2009. Arana has no current plans for additional advancement of the psoriasis indication. Arana also stated that lead compound Artwork621 continues to progress in its advancement with several major milestones expected in the next six weeks. These include an Investigational New Medication application for the arthritis rheumatoid indication in the 4th quarter of 2008, a Phase II research in rheumatoid arthritis planned to commence in the fourth one fourth of 2008 also, and protection and efficacy data from a psoriasis study expected in the first quarter of 2009.

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