Snails are also indispensable that portion of Dr.

Snails are also indispensable that portion of Dr. Kemenes ‘ research, because they have large neurons , which are easily identified, manipulated and observed under the microscope than mammalian brain cells ideal ideal subjects for exploring the learning and memory process at the cellular and molecular level.

Prevent and treat memory disorders or even to improve normal memory ‘.. Snails pace in the human memory loss researchThe humble snail is helping scientists at the University of Sussex ways of treating ways of treating memory loss in humans. – Drug manufacturers looking for ways to relieve a ‘Viagra for the brain ‘, which is memory loss, one of the distressing symptoms of diseases like seek seek to create. The work of Dr. George Kemenes, Senior Fellow in the Department of Biology and Environmental Science at the University of Sussex, conducted will hopefully help to show how such drugs could.U003c The NPRs history is available online in The entire NPRs segment is available online in in the RealPlayer. In addition, included CNN Larry King Live on the Wednesday interview with Clinton across multiple issues, including the airline ticket fee and Clinton thoughts about the probability of success of on global health campaigns to combat HIV / AIDS, TB and Malaria (King, Larry , , the full transcript the program is available online.

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