Surgeons and radiation oncologists have long tried.

Surgeons and radiation oncologists have long tried, at least a 1 – centimeter margin of treatment surrounding provide all aspects a localized breast cancer, and it was important to have a similar ensure surgical margin of lethal temperatures beyond all tumor cryotherapy cryotherapy ,, said Littrup. the good visualized ice margin by ultrasound CT or MR is actually only the 0-degree Celsius line or isotherm, which lethal lethal enough, but unfortunately has been confused with the actual treatment margin. We have made sure that the lethal isotherm of approximately-30 degrees Celsius extended beyond all tumor margins, said Littrup.

‘.. The research, which is currently available online in advance raises the February 2011 issue of Annals of Surgery, new questions about a medical practice developed decades ago that be the standard of care, despite a lack of scientific research into its validity. The researchers say that a binding pre-hospital infusions for all trauma patients – the case in many states, including Maryland – should be discouraged. Some groups are slow. Considering changes to its policies – ‘Giving infusions to patients until go to the hospital go to the hospital to delay transport,’says Elliott R. Associate Professor of Surgery, the 776th and Intensive Care Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the study guide. ‘Our study suggests it may be better to treat patients more quickly to the hospital.The study results are shall important in women at increased risk because she additional treatment, the physician in treating plans for their patients should take into consideration might require says Karl Podratz, the study’s lead researchers.

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