The Assam Tribune reports.

In addition, journalists may provide information on not-for-profit HIV / AIDS organizations in the country in order to promote specific ideas about their work. Deputy director of ASACS, added that these efforts would be particularly important in Assam state, regions bordered with a high HIV prevalence (Assam Tribune.. HIV-positive peopleon calls Media To Public Understanding of HIV / improve AIDSIndia Assam State AIDS Control Society asked on Wednesday to report the country’s media responsible news about HIV / AIDS and help public understanding about the disease, the Assam Tribune reports. The society made its appeal during an HIV / AIDS advocacy workshop with editors and executive editors of print and electronic media in the country.

Anzahl der Kinder in Japan geboren voraussichtlich im Jahr 2006 gestiegen, Sagt Gesundheitsministerium DataDie Zahl der Kinder in Japan geborene Error converting integer wurde, im Jahr 2006 gestiegen Sindh, Westerwaldkreis.12.06). If the country sinks TFR, Japan’s population is projected to shrink from potential decline in the current 127 million to less than 90 million in 2055, BBC News reports lead. According to BBC News Prime Minister Shinzo Abe measures to measures to prevent the introduction drop in birthrates, and last month he proposed a budget plan seeks seeks to increase the support for child care ..Up end of 2008 all the European countries European Heart Health Charter () will have subscribed to and is set up a joint National Task Force, take the measures necessary for its implementation.

Cardiovascular disease causes 49 percent of deaths in Europe, the main cause of of the death in women in this continent and the EU cost you on EUR 169 billion a year. Schools and hospitals country educate their population and allocation being adequate financial resources for prevention and rehabilitation therefore of primary importance.

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