The authors emphasized early prevention studies are essential for lifelong heart health.

The authors emphasized early prevention studies are essential for lifelong heart health.Unfortunately, according to Pletcher, modest increases in LDL levels are often ignored by young patients and their physicians. This latest study, the cholesterol levels of the participants were measured seven times over a period of 20 years. When she were were calcium in their coronary arteries measured using imaging studies.

The most important factor of heart disease risk is low density lipoprotein , also known as the bad colesterol levels. The researchers found that those with higher LDL levels were at an increased risk of accumulation of calcium in the coronary arteries – a strong predictor of heart disease.Haitian actual epidemic of cholera began in in the Artibonite eight weeks ago. Their daily rate of new infections , it starts to drop – from 21,000 to date have been reported 870 infection to the last week. – MSF is Emergency Relief Coordinator, by Alan Lefebvre, said: In areas the by the re diseases, which population of the regions is concerned the population truly afraid, cholera treatment center is on the community to the community , the challenge lies in to inform. Raise awareness and at to show that we are there to treat the sick, and that this works. MSF says she taken of 770 tons of logistic and medical care in the country since the epidemic began..

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