The authors point out that a volcanic environment the toxic compounds.

Although specific risk factors for thyroid cancer in this volcanic environment are still unknown, the identification of these factors could help to better understand the cause of the increasing thyroid cancer incidence in Europe and North America and perhaps to develop prevention measures.. The authors point out that a volcanic environment – the toxic compounds, particulate matter and gases and elements that can pollute the water can produce be exposed – may increase the incidence of thyroid cancer, but the mechanism by which it acts unknown risk. Increase in increase in papillary thyroid cancer incidence that was associated with the Etna environment leads us to, suggest that residents of other volcanic areas could be at increased risk for thyroid cancer and possibly other cancers, the authors write.

To study this, Gabriella Pellegriti, Division of Endocrinology, University of Catania Medical School, Garibaldi – Nesima Hospital in Italy, and colleagues collected incidence[ new cases] of thyroid cancers in Sicily first January 2002 to 31 December 2004 to compare the cancer rates of people living in the volcanic area of Mt. Etna of Catania with those in the rest of Sicily.CNN examines the Sling Shot, a portable, low energy consumption the invention designed to make of water to cleanse in remote areas the developing world. Is According to WHO, than one % than one % of ground Frisch water supplies of drinking to man. Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway customize motorized scooter, and his team at DEKA Research invented the slingshot. Arrived said a Sling Shot up to 250 up to 250 liters of water day, which is enough for 100 guests (Bergerson.

According to the WHO Global Health News: Polio to Afghanistan; Goosby interviews, water shortage in the Mexico City, the Clean Water appliance.

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